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Your company has a unique purpose and growth journey. That's why you need a distinct cloud strategy to take advantage of breakthrough technologies, scale rapidly, and seize emerging opportunities. TCS can help you drive business value, build resilience, and advance your goals of transformation, adaptation, and innovation for a reimagined future.
New Business Model

New business models, including operating processes and workflows

Business Strategies

New ways of aligning purpose with business strategies

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Improved customer experiences

Products & Services

Improved products & services

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Drive Business Value

Build Resilience

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We power your success with our unmatched partnerships and cloud capabilities.

Cloud Strategy and Transformation

Most businesses are at an early stage of cloud transformation & TCS’ enterprise cloud solution helps build a scalable strategy & accelerate value. Learn more.

Greycats and AWS Cloud

We bring you the best of Greycats and AWS to help you accelerate digital transformation and realize a clear path to value with continuous innovation on AWS Cloud.

Greycats and Google Cloud

Know all about Greycats-Google Cloud advantage and how the services can help companies achieve superior business value from cloud transformation initiatives.  

Greycats and Microsoft Cloud

Read how Greycats and Microsoft Cloud’s strategic partnership can drive the edge-to-cloud transformation journey and deliver Business 4.0 outcomes for customers.  

Enterprise Cloud

With a future-ready hybrid cloud strategy, Greycats cloud services provide access to industry solutions, helping clients gain a competitive edge & business agility. 


Let’s make the cloud connect

No matter where you are on your cloud journey, we can help you get maximum value from it.